Our Story


Kyoumei carries a Japanese meaning of "REPUTATION FOR BEAUTY".

Beyond skincare and supplement, we create the value of beauty and health.

First class R&D manufacturing company

Kyoumei Industries Sdn Bhd is an established company in the development and manufacturing of scientifically proven, innovative personal care products. We are a model research and manufacturing company of novel and natural ingredients for the creation and production of natural skincare and cosmetics. Kyoumei’s outstanding brand in skincare, coloring cosmetics and healthcare supplement are value for money with quality.

Extend Your Brand Recognition through Private Labeling

Kyoumei produces “most loved and effective” skincare for the customers and is at the center of the fast changing beauty trends over 10 years internationally. We are a complete one stop ODM and OBM organization that provides high-quality formulations and bespoke results. Becoming a global pioneer in healthcare and beauty brand manufacturing has fueled the growth and been the vision of Kyoumei Industries. Across the country, more than 1000 brands have worked with Kyoumei, making them the leading skincare manufacturer in Malaysia, South East Asia and Overseas.

Kyoumei is here to help you launch your dreams

Customer-friendly and technology-driven Kyoumei is building the “star” business model for healthy beauty of mankind. Kyoumei has pursued science for beauty and health. Kyoumei can be found everywhere in our daily life as form of cosmetics, skincare and health supplements.



Our commitment is to enable our customers and dealers to grow and prosper through the development by supplying the best of our high quality beauty products with great reputation, reliability, trust, service and support for quality works to succeed in the skin care industry and to meet the demand of the consumers.


Customer's satisfaction is our main objective. To be the market leader in developing great products and effective solutions that work to meet the demands of skin care products around the world.