Our Services

Business Consultant

We provide you insights of the latest industry trend and best practices to aid you in building and executing your business venture

Research & Development

Special “ RECIPE” In our lab, our chemists are able to customize formulas with signature scent selection, specialty ingredients, feel of the product, and the performance of the formula to fulfil our client’s needs.

Formulation & Development

Our experienced formulation researchers are able to develop a wide range of skin care and cosmetic products tailored to your requirement.

Sourcing of Ingredients

Our ingredients are imported from all around the world. We may source specially requested ingredients with quality assured for our clients.

Design of Packaging & Labeling

Our creative designer team will help you design an attention-grabbing label and enhance your product positioning to match your product unique selling point.

Product Registration

Our experienced product registration team will guide you and provide you with all the information required for registration including Product Notification from the KKM, as required by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Production & Quality Assurance

We use high quality equipment and précised production method. Our products are of its highest standard of quality assurance. All raw materials and finished products follow strict procedures of quality control before they put on the market.

Marketing Concept & Trend

Brand Development Packaging Design Customized Packaging Quality Silk Screen Printing Fill In Ready Formulation Product Registration (NOT) IFRC Halal Application Quality Control System Consultation On OEM Process