Research & Development

Kyoumei‘s R&D focuses on “seed” research to develop next-generation technologies through mid- to long-term projects. Kyoumei is ready to present a new paradigm that will lead the way for the future of the global beauty industry.

Skin-Science R&D Lab

Kyoumei’s technology which is the root of numerous skincare brands has its basis on Skin-care R&D center. With the best researchers, Skin care R&D centers built the basis of skin care products. Kyoumei combines Skincare and Pharmaceuticals on cosmetics technology, try to lead the innovation on skincare industry. Besides, Kyoumei also fully equipped with the research and development system that satisfies Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) standards.

Make-up R&D Lab

Kyoumei’s Make-up R&D center has specialists who are the experts in skin complexion and tone. It divides its team to base make-up, point make-up, sun-care products, and new development teams and leading the high-edge technology of make-up products with various effective ingredients and emotional factors such as colors, sensory preferences, and scents that suit the skin, that are preferred by customers.

Personal-Care R&D Lab

From head to toes products, Kyoumei’s Personal Care R&D center has proprietary technologies and formulation techniques on the development of unusual formulations and products based on unique ideas. It develops household items and quasi-drugs that can add value to the clients.

Health Functional Food R&D Lab

Kyoumei is divided into new ingredient food and functional food development for quality management and product customization using various technologies.